Cinco de Mayo 2011

Denver Based Photographer David Hilgier

If you’ve been playing along at home since last July, it comes as no surprise that I am a major proponent of beer. I relish in what the majors produce and continually scratch my head in regards to the beer I brew. But tonight is different as we celebrate Cinco de Mayo and the Battle of Puebla. Therefore, as I try to wrap my head around some thoughts and work that I’ve been trying to wrap my head around for some time, it is only fitting that I imbibe on one of my world famous margaritas in honor of this Cinco de Mayo 2011. A family recipe. Passed down from generation to generation. Weaving it’s way all the way from Poland across the Atlantic to NYC and eventually through our great country to Denver, Colorado. So as I listen to Hendrix at Woodstock and put Uni-ball to Moleskine I wish all of my legions of followers and readers a safe and happy Cinco de Mayo (Cinco de Drinko if you will). Please, don’t do anything I would not do.