Fuimos a Perú

Denver Based Photographer David Hilgier

For three weeks this past month, Miss Erin and I made our way, at times quite precariously, through the southern portion of Perú. Arriving in Lima, then flying to Cusco eventually throwing caution far into the wind and transversing the rest of our trip and country via bus, combi, colectivo, boat and taxi to reach such places as Amantaní Island on Lake Titicaca and the beaches of Camana.

My first exploration of South America was greeted with an explosion of vibrant color, intricate texture, walls of sound, exquisite tastes and the curiosity of the locals of a skinny six foot foreigner wondering through their lands wearing yellow kicks and cameras dangling from his neck. To an obvious outsider like myself, more often than not, Perú manifests itself as a cacophony of chaos. Soon do you realize that there is some sort of unspoken arrangement backing all the apparent confusion and what appears as anything but order somehow operates and works itself out like a seamlessly choreographed ballet.

Denver Based Photographer David Hilgier

Our trek became exhausting at a few points both physically and emotionally. A new city or town every other day and in the space between often witnessing a way of life that made me feel that we were further than 3,000 miles from home. Strangely and contradictory enough, you realize how small this world is and how many basic aspects of life all human beings share. Now that we are back, being in our “comfort zone” is as difficult, if not more, than being out of it. Plainly put, I would still like to be on the road.

Over the next few days weeks, I plan to write a bit about our travels, what we witnessed as well as post a few photos. Grab a cold one and sit back and enjoy.

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