Beer Review #1: Hoss Rye Lager

Hoss Rye Lager

As the name of this site implies, I like beer a lot. Honestly, I rarely drink fermented beverages other than beer. For the most part, I dislike hard liquor, on occasion I’ll have a glass of wine and when the mood strikes, I can make a mean margarita. However, in the end, nothing beats a cold beer after a day’s work. So taking that into consideration, I find it only fitting that from time to time I post some thoughts regarding the beers that I encounter in my adventures through the beer world.

The first review in this series is of Great Divide Brewing Company’s Hoss Rye Lager. In all honesty, I don’t drink Great Divide’s offerings with any frequency, but I do enjoy their Denver Pale Ale and Titan IPA and to a lesser extent Samurai Rice Ale. This number caught my eye at the local libation distributor due to its demarcation as a rye lager. For my aforementioned jaunt around the west, the brewing collaborative which I am a part of, brewed a golden ale for the journey. Our golden ale’s grain bill was comprised of somewhere in the neighborhood of 5% – 10% rye. Consequently, since brewing that batch, I’ve been curious to sample other beers that use rye during the brewing process.

Hoss smells of a sweet loaf of rye or sour dough bread and immediately reminds me of stepping into Royal Bakery in Arvada which my family frequents quarterly to purchase fresh baked rye bread and other Polish baked goods. This lager reveals its rich amber color after being dispersed from its bottle and contains little to no head which quickly dissipates to a few lingering bubbles. The initial taste is a combination of caramel, malt and hints of cherry and finishes by revealing traces of rye and hops. A taste profile that mimics the mood of late summer and early fall.

Much like the other brews I’ve sampled that contain a makeup of rye, this beer is not dominated by its incorporation. However, in a similar vein as its fellow rye counterparts, the flavor and finish of Hoss is crisp, sweet and dry. Characteristics that linger, even after the entire 12oz have been consumed.

A crisp beer for the dog days of summer and the fast approaching cool fall evenings.

Drink up.