Perú: Compañera de Viaje

Denver Based Photographer David Hilgier
Miss Erin in Aguas Calientes

I’ve set my foot in many countries across the face of the earth. Quite a few with my mother and father prior to moving out on to my own. Many more with nothing but my cameras and sketchbook by my side. Perú was my first international journey with a travel buddy. So before I wrap up my final lamentations* regarding Perú, it is only appropriate that I extend a heartfelt appreciation for my travel buddy in Perú and in my life. She kept (keeps) a watchful eye on me through out our exploration, consistently waited for me to take one last photo and puts up with shenanigans on and off the road. For that I must say thanks and that traveling, nor my life, would not be the same with out her.

*Thanks to the few of you for sticking out the relatively consistent topic of the past weeks. I’ve wanted to get my thoughts regarding the trip out much quicker, however, we’ve all got to make some hommie papers to pay the man.