Rustic Resort

Rustic Resort Sign

A couple of weeks ago myself and some college buddies headed to the hills for a weekend of camping shenanigans at Chambers Lake. Good times were had by all. Consumed some delectable brews, admired the beauty of Colorado’s mountains, threw a line in and was probably the only person in Colorado who had a line in that didn’t catch a damn fish. Anyway, on the way up to the lake, I noticed this beauty in Rustic, Colorado, so naturally on the way home I had to stop and take some snaps for the archive. A wonderful piece of considered design that was quite a pleasure to stop and look at. Reminded me of a little interview with Aaron Draplin of the world renowned Draplin Design Co.

America Is Fucked…….(Graphically at least) from Jess Gibson on Vimeo.

Much respect to Draplin, his philosophies and the work he does. With that said, he’s got a point which I completely relate to. There is so much homogenization that occurs in our country that it’s sickening. It’s not just the Sunset Motor Lodge either. It is where we eat, where we shop and where we are entertained. Seemingly, nothing is sacred anymore. Why have a mom and pop store when we can build a Wal-mart?  Why eat at some hole in the wall diner when we can have Chili’s? I guess “Save Money. Live Better” is the mantra for the future even if it comes at the expense of our culture and heritage.

Update: Ran across a pretty cool interview with Draplin that is worth the read.