Beer and Coffee Pharma Hacked

Beer and Coffee Hacked

This past week while going to share a link to a recent post on B&C, I started to notice some suspicious activity in regards to this site. A few minutes of digging around and it became blatantly apparent that the site had been hacked. The result: Beer and Coffee’s primary intent changed instantly from a outlet for beer and design to selling prescription drugs. My regular visitors, all 5 of you, would have thought it was business as normal around these parts. The sneaky fuckers that did this are quite crafty as the hack’s impact was only related to search engine activity. If you arrived here via bookmark or by directly typing our url into your browser, you arrived as expected. However, if you were spending your time googling around the interwebs and stumbled upon Beer and Coffee and happened to click on a search result for our site you were taken to a site based in Canada selling Viagra and other pills. Like a flip of a light-switch we went from peddling our ramblings about beer, design, travel and photography to hopefully helping someone get a discount on the pills they were looking for. Despite what a pain in the ass this has been, at least I may have been helping someone on the face of the earth get their rocks off.

Beer and Coffee Hacked

In the end, the hack is rather impressive. It is a shame the brain surgeons that put it together weren’t putting their coding prowess to better use. Outwardly there is no malicious code in the site, as mentioned, a standard visit to the site yielded nothing unusual. But via them cracking this site they were able to generate thousands of faux pages to drive traffic to their site while destroying what little SEO clout I had (see image above).

It took me a bit of time to restore the site to what it was. In so much as I can tell the damage was limited to injecting a few PHP files on my server and fucking with my .htaccess file to generate the redirects. Others expressed altercations to their databases when encountering this hack, however, insomuch that I can tell, they didn’t get that far here. To be safe, I restored the database from a time long before the hack which required some manual addition of content back into this site.

What chaps my ass the most is the fucking balls of someone to do this. This site is my fucking site. I generate absolutely no income from it. It is a speck in the universe of the internet. As I expressed when I started my main desire for doing so was to generate an archive of my thoughts. It still is that and it has also morphed to a much more libation centric discussion. The thanks I get is this shit. There were moments when trying to get things up and running again where I thought of not even bothering and to take all those thoughts to more analog means. But instead I say fuck you to those that did this. I’d kick you in the nuts if I knew who you were. So we’re back for the meantime. Hopefully I kicked the shit from the system.