Bitches Brew at Euclid Hall

Bitches Brew

As beer month at Euclid Hall forges on, last night marked our third visit in as many weeks, this time to sample Dogfish Head’s Bitches Brew. Accompanied by a hearty meal and a view of the city and falling snow, I tried the brew for what may very well be the first and last time. Inspired by Miles Davis’ 1970s album Bitches Brew the beer  fittingly merits the same exploration and consideration. Similarly as one can get lost in a touching composition of jazz music, the same could be said for one who enjoys intrigue in the libations they drink. While dark as night, the beer is not as heavy as the hue would lead one to believe. The body was not as overpowering or as heavy as I thought it would be. Honestly, I had trouble pinning down what was going on in the beer in regards to the flavor. Bitches Brew contained hints of spice, sweetness, chocolate and honey. For lack of a better description it reminded me of Mexican coffee or spiced ice cream. Not as spice forward, but a similar bite is where I found this reference. Overall I was quite pleased by Bitches Brew. While not my favorite Dogfish brew, it was one of their limited releases that I really enjoyed.