Tutto Sommato

Lost In Firenze

Four years ago I left for a three month stint living in Firenze, Italia. After having the mantra of having every movement of pencil, brush or mouse be a preamble to something earth shattering and having every minuscule action I took called into question, I decided to leave what I was agreeing less and less with to do the complete opposite and just explore with the purpose of exploring and to create just to create. Nothing more, nothing less. Knowing no Italian and with hardly any knowledge of the country, aside from a two week trek in 2004, my goal was solidified to simply see what I could find and photograph the journey as it unfolded. What you find and what you experience when you let go and live without expectations other than making it to the next minute in front of you is quite astounding.

I’ll never forget Firenze, my apartment in Oltrarno, the forno across the street and the signora and her divine minestrone, Gusto Panini, mozzarella di bufala, Pearl Jam in Pistoia, Positano and Salerno, Joel and the Blue Tooth Casanova, my friend from Nelson, B.C., Italian Pigeons, zanzara, deciding to head south, a woodfired “Bella Napoli” pizza, Lucky Strikes before Don Draper made them famous again, Peroni and Nastro Azzurro for 0.79€, art work around every corner, an extra day in Roma thanks to fog, Nero the dog, the Spaniards and most importantly how all of these contributed to memories of a lifetime. When all is said and done, that was one of the best experiences and choices of my life. There is not a day that goes by that some sort of recollection of my 89 days does not cross my mind.