3,414 miles

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Mid June marked my first substantial road trip in a couple of years, the last being a tour around Colorado in the fleeting moments of the summer of 2008. With friends meeting on the gulf coast of Texas and a wedding to attend a week later in Grand Junction, the decision was made that the proximity in time of the events would make perfect stopping points for a road trip across the southwest, albeit a somewhat ambitious one. Our route took us south through Colorado, a portion of New Mexico on to Texas with stops in Palo Duro State Park, Austin and finally on to Port Aransas for a few days on the beach. From there we headed north-west with stops in Rosewell, Santa Fe, Monument Valley and Moab eventually making it in tact to Grand Junction for the wedding and home to Denver after 15 days and 3,414 miles on the road.

In the end, a captivating journey through parts of this country that I never had witnessed before. Shot mostly with my digital camera and my pinhole and plan on making the photographs the first feature for my self produced publication.

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