A New Label For Fat Tire?

Denver Based Photographer David Hilgier

After capping of this past Sunday, a day which included Miss Erin and I slaying the Cherry Creek Sneak 5K run and the brewing of a new beer, I decided to reward my day of physical labor with a nicely chilled Fat Tire. Immediately upon opening the beer, I noticed something was amiss. Not at all with the beer, top quality per usual, but instead with the brewery’s flagship label affixed to the bottle from which the amber nectar flowed.

As presented in the image above (prior version), this new cropping of the red bike pictured in the iconic water color painting caught my attention. Given the way I like to crop my photographic compositions, there is a part of me that enjoyed encountering this new iteration on the bottle, however long it will stay and whatever the reason for doing so. I’ll say it is the open road and summer beckoning us all, or at least those who imbibe on a bottle or two.

Drink Up.