Adios Cleanse, Hello Field Mouse’s Farewell

Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project’s Field Mouse’s Farewell

It is only fitting that after a two week cleanse/detox that my reintroduction to the world of beer was by uncapping a brew with “farewell” in its name. Nestled away in a corner of our beer fridge since we received the bottle of Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project’s Field Mouse’s Farewell back in September from a gracious friend with access to east coast gems, we felt it would be a great reward for our efforts over the past few days. Field Mouse, a rustic golden ale brewed with barley, oats wheat and rye, pours a rich golden hue and has a brilliant smell of honey, spice and a bit of farmhouse funk. Its taste lingered for some time. My favorite aspect of the brew was the hint of spiciness which it carried that I’ll attribute as the rye’s contribution to the beer. Not overpowering, nor too subtle, it was a nice compliment to the sweetness, farmhouse, and golden ale aspects of Field Mouse. I really look forward to trying Pretty Things’ East India Porter which is currently still chilling in our beer fridge, saddened by the departure of its brother.

As for the cleanse/detox, for me it was an interesting experience. I found the first week to be the toughest of the two. Eating mostly fruits and vegetables, I quickly realized that I needed to double my food intake to stop myself from being constantly hungry. While I missed certain things – beer, cheese, and cured meats – I really didn’t mind treating my body a bit better than normal. Forgoing sugar and caffeine was not that big of a deal as I rarely eat sweets or drink sodas. I did however miss my Saturday morning cup of coffee while listening to Car Talk. Could I eat like we did all the time? Absolutely not. With that said, I see finding a happier medium in the future.