Baseball, A Film By Ken Burns

Babe Ruth in Ken Burns’ Baseball

Screen grab of Babe Ruth in Ken Burns’ Baseball

As a background to my spring and summer, I’ve been working my way through Ken Burns’ documentary Baseball. I am well aware that I am nearly two decades late to this party, but the piece is still as relevant as it was when it originally aired in the 90s. As was stated in The First Inning of the documentary: “In 2000 years when they look back on our society they will remember three things: The Declaration of Independence, jazz music and baseball.” Amen.

Granted I love baseball. I love the game, attending it in person and what it represents to the culture of the United States of America. With that said, I don’t possess an extensive knowledge of the game’s history as many do, but I do have a profound respect for it. After making my way through Baseball the statement that baseball is part of the fabric of our country could not be articulated more eloquently and watching has only heightened my knowledge of the game and its history.

I’m currently through The Sixth Inning and I anticipate as I finish the game I’ll post a more through review then.