City, O’ City’s Home Brew Competition Part II

City, O’ City Home Brew Competition

Tuesday night we attended City, O’ City’s home brew competition and presented our beer, You With The Face Blueberry Pale Ale, for judging by six beer pros. As previously mentioned, I really had no expectations for how our beer would stand up to discerning palates or how the event would go down. My roots from obtaining my B.F.A. have instilled a biased view of how a critique is normally structured. Simply put, a “Johnny on the spot” event where the artisan presents, defends and receives feedback from peers, mentors and teachers. The nights review was anything but what I have grown accustomed to. Beers were reviewed blindly by the judges over the course of a few hours while the audience and patrons imbibed on home brew and professional offerings parred with tapas and appetizers. A lighthearted and enjoyable event filled with a camaraderie created by a common love for, and the effort involved, in making the libation at hand. Quite refreshing to say the least.

In the end, our beer garnered marks of 33/50 and 24/50 from the two sets of judges. The scores being secondary to the feedback we received regarding the taste, appearance and categorization of our beer. While I’m often left scratching my head while brewing beer, hopefully this is another step along the way to making an even better offering. I guess I could be disappointed by the ratings, as potentially some were, but a mere year ago I was not brewing at all. We’ve got our 12th and 13th batches fermenting as I write and we’ve made some boss upgrades to our brew haus that hopefully will yield better and better beer and cider for the masses.

Thanks to everyone at City, O’ City for hosting the event and to the judges for taking the time to judge the competition.

On deck for my finale of Denver Beer Fest week are two glorious nights at the Great American Beer Festival. At which I am looking forward to sampling beer from Strange Brewing Company, Russian River Brewing Company and The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery.

And a very happy birthday to my father!