Summertime Favorite 2011 (Part II)

Thunderstorm in Denver July 2011

As yesterday’s workday closed to an end, once again the blue skies parted ways to their ominous thundercloud counterparts. Just in time to delay our departure for the Izakaya Den to celebrate our 4th anniversary, the clouds yielded rain and hail in quantities large enough to flood the streets of Capitol Hill for yet another time this week. After some tasty sushi, we returned home, uncorked a bottle of Avant Peche (which was delightful after some aging) and set up on the balcony to watch yet another lightning show. As if the night prior couldn’t be topped, for over an hour the night sky was nothing but bursts of light as if the gods were orchestrating their own firework show. Consequently, I was once again lucky enough to get even more material than the night prior.