Life in Capitol Hill #2: Parking

Capitol Hill Parking

One of the best parts of living in the world famous historic Capitol Hill neighborhood of Denver, Colorado is having outstanding neighbors like the owner of this black Honda Civic. After all, parking in Capitol Hill is as plentiful as grains of sand are to a beach; even given the reduction in spots resulting from the ongoing 6+ month public work project which is seemingly no more than a bunch of construction workers digging holes, re-filling said holes and leaving their construction gear haphazardly scattered around the neighborhood. So when said patriot arrived home from what was probably a very long day of work, obviously he saw this VIP parking spot fit for a king, or at least Obama’s limousine, with his name written all over it to park his beautiful chariot for the evening.

Capitol Hill Parking Diagram

In all seriousness, to the owner of this world class Honda Civic: learn to park! Above is a diagram of how the spot you’ve created for yourself is large enough for two cars*. Parking is the biggest pain in the ass to deal with in this neighborhood despite your lack of consideration for others. Altruistic behavior when parking your car would be greatly appreciated, therefore, a resource for you to properly verse yourself on the art of parking is included below. Furthermore, I’ve seen other brain surgeons in this neighborhood with the same amount, if not more, room between cars in the first image run into the automobile parked either in front or behind them. Stupidity and self-centeredness such as these demonstrations causes me to loose even more faith in humanity.

You Park Like An Asshole

*For those curious, the cars in front and behind the Civic, both properly parked, arrived before the car in question did.