Qwest’s new bill design

Qwest’s New Bill

My esteemed internet provider is the great company called Qwest. I’ll describe their service as mediocre at best. Marginal connection speeds, on par with the rest of this countries broadband infrastructure, high prices and lack-luster customer service sums up what I get for nearly sixty bones a month. If the testimonies for the other ISP “option”, Comcast, were not seemingly worse than what I deal with from my ISP, I’d probably take my business to them.

Recently, Qwest changed the design of their bills to a much more colorful and techy aesthetic; perhaps to try and distract me from the highway robbery they bestow on me and every other “customer” of theirs each month. This month’s bill also came with an instruction sheet on how to read said bill. If you have to include a Rosetta Stone on how to translate your bill, maybe the consideration that the new web 2.0 option isn’t ready for mailboxes region wide. One of the bullet points on the instruction sheet reads: “Cover Page shows your bill date, payment activity, an overview of this month’s charges and your payment coupon.” Brilliant!

Understandably there will always be those that struggle with the presentation of any given material, without question bills being one of them. With that said, if those in charge at Qwest deemed this additional piece of information necessary to explain the new layout of their bills, or perhaps make-up for some flaw of the former spread, why wasn’t this pseudo informative and pseudo instructional information integrated into the bill itself? Good, successful design does not need justification or explanation.