Summertime Favorite

Denver Summer Thunderstorm

By no means will Beer & Coffee become a location for explicit exhibition of my photography, but ever since moving into my current residence with its selling point balcony, I’ve been afforded the opportunity to trying to capture lightning in photographic form and this past Sunday night was no exception. My balcony yields a 270° vista starting in the west somewhere around Mt. Evans, moving south to Pikes Peak, centering in the east towards Glendale, Cherry Creek and Cheeseman Park finally circling to the north and the power-plants, factories and oil refineries located in Commerce City.

Since I can remember, one of my favorite parts of summertime is lying in my bed smelling the fresh rain, watching the flash of lightening light up the room and waiting for the impending rumble of thunder. Upon returning home from taking care of some of our brewing beer, a decent thunderstorm made its way across the southern part of the city. Set the gear up and caught this quintessential aspect of summer.