The Bad Plus At Dazzle Jazz Club

Denver Based Photographer David Hilgier

While not part of Friday’s grand tour of Denver, perhaps the highlight of the weekend was getting to see The Bad Plus perform at Dazzle Jazz Club on Sunday night. It’s not all that often that one of my favorite bands plays a show in my neighborhood in a club that seats 100 people, if that. The music and the musicianship, unmatched in my book. Watching David King transform a small kit of drums and some children toys into complex intertwining rhythms is just an added bonus. While their earlier albums are sprinkled with covers of well know pop and rock numbers, their newest release is comprised entirely of self composed music. I enjoyed the set played that evening that mimicked that mentality aside from the closing number as I tend to prefer their original material.

Their set at the 8 P.M. show:
2 P.M.
And Here We Test Our Powers of Observation
Keep the Bugs Off Your Glass And The Bears Off Your Ass
My Friend Metatron
1972 Bronze Medalist
You Are
Never Stop
The Radio Tower Has A Beating Heart

The Bad Plus photo above was pulled from my archive, shot at their May 25th, 2007 show at The Boulder Theater.