To the archives #1

Big Sur, California

Today I ran across this photograph of one of my favorite places in the states. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Big Sur, California, but this composition brings back some great memories of my times not only in that region, but also of numerous other adventures spent touring around the hills and back country of the state. From the times spent going to Lake Tahoe, roaming the hills adjacent to Petaluma, swimming in Lake Donner towards the end of a long road trip, driving Highway 1 and enjoying the company of my Aunt and Uncle hearing their stories of old and new, California has a fond place in my memories. Specifically this photograph reminds me of a December trip I took to California and a day spent driving the 128 touring the vineyards along the route and the Navarro River Redwoods occupying the land just before the highway dead-ends into the coast.

The photograph itself is beautiful. A brilliant moment with captivating lighting and a mood that captures the essence of Northern California. The rest of this artist’s work is equally as compelling to me speaking to my love of globe trotting and the open road.

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